Mindful singing lessons 

🎵Would you like to improve your voice but you don’t know how cause you tried different techinques but you still don’t feel that you release your full potential?


🎵Would you like to flow with music and connect to your body when singing?

🎵Would you like to find voice and body connection? 

🎵Would you like to sound more confident and get your voice more grounded? 


🎵Would you like to turn your passion of singing into therapeutic tool which will help you  

to free yourself from constant worries, stress and build your confidence?

🎵Are a complete amateur who would like to learn how to sing and get courage for that ?


If you answer YES to at least one of those questions, so contact me right now!

What are the benefits of mindful singing ? 

🎹 better voice and body connection – exploring your voice and connecting to your body; feeling your voice in the body
🎹grounding your voice and finding its depth 
🎹sounding more confident, also while speaking 
🎹releasing tensions and thanks to that your creative potential 
🎹training mindfulness and getting more focused
🎹expressing your emotions
🎹leveling up with your singing skills 
🎹building your confidence
🎹learning creative assertiveness 

More about mindful singing in THIS article. 

Why should you work with me?

🤗 I am a positive thinker who loves sharing her passion for singing and self development

🤗 I have worked with lots of popular singers since I was 5 ! 

I know lots of techniques, experience a lot in music world and I want to share all the tips with you! Read more about me here.


Mindful singing is a signature method connecting vocal techniques of mixed singing with Alexander Technique & mindfulness as well as music therapy. 

🤗 I am looking at singing holistically and at every student individually, adjusting exercises and even creating them for individuals. 

🤗 I make singing fun! I create a space for making mistakes and leaving your worries behind! 

🤗 My international experience makes my expertise unique.

 🤗 I am also a certified stress coach, so every lesson is a stress reliever! 

The method is both for those who want to use singing for relaxation, releasing emotions and connecting with own voice as well as those who want to level up in singing. 

Normal price is 150 PLN/ 300 DKK/ 35 EUR – discounts when booking a package of at least 4 sessions.

***CORONA CRISIS discount – 80PLN/ 180 DKK/ 20 EUR per session.

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